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think trade

Think Trade is an "even-Stevens" barter deal between businesses or "even Stevens" swap deals between consumers. An "even-stevens'' deal means no cash or credits involved between the two parties or any on-going obligations such as a loan or payment plan. Deal Done Done! In a transaction a party may true up value by adding multiple items for the swap value to get equal for one item from the other party in the transaction. Here are three examples:

1. An owner of a chain of boutique hotels cannot find a good deal on lease or buy especially in pandemic times. However, he is losing valuable revenue every night on vacant rooms. Thereby, he posts that he  will to trade 45 nights in any of his hotels in 5 cities for a used or new copy machine.  A copy machine company has 3 sales people traveling overnight to all 5 cities. Boom! A copy machine for three 15 night gift cards.

2. Two Successful Entrepreneurs in 2015 each made two big buys: a yacht and a jet. Each would lose a substantial amount of  money if they tried to sell on the open market. With the yacht owner adding  a Masserati, the two swap even stevens.

All even Stevens swaps require a pic of a person or confirmed  logo of a viable company on internet.

3. Two new tech hires each lease a new apartment.  In an evens Stevens deal and home improvement they swap a computer for a sofa and then discover they both are baseball card enthusiasts so they swap a Hank Aaron card for a Wille Mays card for fun.