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SuperGroup Special | Healthcare 2024 Luncheon - September 28, 2023
SuperGroup7 (Peer to Peer Consulting) - October 31, 2023
Chapman and Palmer - December 1, 2023
Wild Turkey Dinner - December 1, 2023
Porsche CliffCo Thinktank - January 19., 2023
CliffCo Travel - Cuba - January 31 through February 3, 2024
CliffCo Travel - Ritz-Carlton Yacht Cruise - August 2024
CliffCo Travel - Alaska - Summer 2024
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A service offered by CliffCO. To help you strategize and develop a lasting legacy that you as a leader and individual can take pride in. We work with you to decide the highest return (Family, Finances, Friends) on a legacy footprint that can remain for generations. While Cliff’s name has appeared on the Entrepreneurial and Executive MBA Programs at Emory and Brenau, his best long lasting legacy is at the Mullet Festival in Niceville, FL as Mullet Fish are crucial to tides and marshes. Touch your legacy, let us guide you.