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Malibu Farm to Transform Harbor House

Remember Cougar from the movie “Top Gun.” Actor John Stockwell and his wife, chef Helene Henderson, cut a deal with San Diego port commissioners on a 10-year lease for their growing restaurant chain Malibu Farm, which in this location plans to transform the 14,000-square-foot half-empty Harbor House into much more of an indoor-outdoor venue that […]


Class, Smarts, and Savvy Marketing

In contrast to toxic political ads, and meltdowns like Pelosi had with Wolf Blitzer (pffft¹, he’s on your side) below is welcome example of class, smarts, and savvy marketing. By the way, Kyle shows the same grace and grit every time we talk, including a career transition in the depths of the pandemic. Footprint² of […]


Avoidable Marketing Embarrassments

Two totally avoidable marketing embarrassments: medical-apparel marketer Figs was raked over Twitter coals for an ad with a woman in scrubs holding a copy of Medical Terminology for Dummies upside down, and iconic ad agency Richards Group (Chick-fil-A cows) had an exodus of major clients, including The Home Depot, when the founder Stan Richards commented […]


COVID-19 Thru 2021

Covid 19 is the biggest scapegoat since Cate O’Hara’s cow was blamed for starting the great Chicago fire by allegedly kicking over her gas lantern.