I know you all are running and gunning and short on time but this podcast is worth because Jerry surrenders his heart and soul to the audience. No others need to apply! It was a conversation where we will learn a lot about life, losing to win later and Entrepreneurial love is never having to hear - I told you so. See defining moments below.

-Selling country rock concert t-shirts in a 10x10 to today’s locations in US, China and India
- Jerry has over 1m square feet of manufacturing production space in the textile bedding market.
- young, married and living large in ritzy subdivision. Then, broke before 30 and packed up u-haul to move in with in-laws.
-Ate mayonnaise and Bologna sandwiches to make a move up. Woke in the middle of the night to design a patented bedding sheet.
-Son’s Harvard graduation
-Hell why am I doing this: An everyday fear of going broke.