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Redneck Reverie Release
August 28, 2020

By Cliff Oxford


Cliff Oxford is the only person who could have written Redneck Reverie. It is a thoughtful reflection on his life among both country folk and the elite. Its stories of growing up on the swamp, leaving it and living among the elite, and then witnessing the devastating impact of policies and power on his homeland demonstrate a unique insight into the cultures and forces that compelled 2.8 million renegade voters to place Donald Trump in the highest office of power. Cliff’s revelations–backed by data–help explain the Trump phenomenon and are a cautionary note to anyone looking to win the 2020 election.

Sara Stratton, President & CEO
Redwood Digital Publishing

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How to Start (Lambs to Leaders) and Finish (Know Grow Exit) are the golden knowledge and outcomes explicitly written in both books. Using honor, humor and humbleness, Cliff’s content is given in a clinical style format where the reader can go do it.

Know Grow Exit
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Latest News

Malibu Farm to Transform Harbor House

Remember Cougar from the movie “Top Gun.” Actor John Stockwell and his wife, chef Helene Henderson, cut a deal with San Diego port commissioners on a 10-year lease for their growing restaurant chain Malibu Farm, which in this location plans to transform the 14,000-square-foot half-empty Harbor House into much more of an indoor-outdoor venue that […]

Class, Smarts, and Savvy Marketing

In contrast to toxic political ads, and meltdowns like Pelosi had with Wolf Blitzer (pffft¹, he’s on your side) below is welcome example of class, smarts, and savvy marketing. By the way, Kyle shows the same grace and grit every time we talk, including a career transition in the depths of the pandemic. Footprint² of […]

Avoidable Marketing Embarrassments

Two totally avoidable marketing embarrassments: medical-apparel marketer Figs was raked over Twitter coals for an ad with a woman in scrubs holding a copy of Medical Terminology for Dummies upside down, and iconic ad agency Richards Group (Chick-fil-A cows) had an exodus of major clients, including The Home Depot, when the founder Stan Richards commented […]

COVID-19 Thru 2021

Covid 19 is the biggest scapegoat since Cate O’Hara’s cow was blamed for starting the great Chicago fire by allegedly kicking over her gas lantern.

Cliff’s Notes

NFL and NASCAR together sent a double-spaced, two-page letter dated July 1 to Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi that basically said cut the crap and pass legislation tomorrow that mandates insurance companies cover pandemic losses.

NFL commissioner Goodell is getting nervous and more pasty white by the day about cancelling season. He will whack preseason Game 1 and Game 4. His pandemic claim he thinks is around $1.2B if whole season goes up in smoke. After NASCAR deftly handled both Bubba issues, Goodell sucked up to the France family and asked what he could have done better in supporting Kaepernick. Maybe sooner and makeup and a blue shirt. A florid complexion under TV lights not right for the times, but could be just me.

Time to call the insurance guy if you have business stoppage insurance. You got a shot. Get in the queue. File.

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